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The small half bath is tucked under the grand stair of a house that was built over 100 years ago. The half bath, along with the house, had undergone multiple renovations by various owners throughout the last century.

The overall shape and plumbing fixture locations are maintained in this guest bath as making modifications to the adjacent grand stair and recently renovated kitchen on either side of it was unreasonable.

Two primary finishes were used to simplify the small chaotic space and add elegance. Copper colored tile was used on the floor and floor base, and carried up the niche in the wall behind the sink. The tile protects the wall from splashing water.

The uniquely shaped stone sink is the focus with a gentle LED light washing down the wall tile onto the sink. Neutral gray was used on the remaining wall surfaces to unify the many angles and surfaces, while enhancing the copper colored tile and charcoal colored stone sink.

A contemporary faucet and accessories were used. The water closet was selected with its tall narrow tank to fit proportionally into the existing tall and narrow space.

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