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The renovation and remodel included a new general fitness area and renovations to the existing weight room for exclusive use.

The design for the new general fitness area included salvaging the existing roof joists and increasing the height of the roof. This provided additional headroom to accommodate a new mezzanine for cardio exercise equipment. The mezzanine overlooks the exercise floor below and a new two-story glass storefront provides views to the outdoors.

Corporate Dining. UMC Mark Twain Courtyard. UMC Mark Twain Dining. UMC Mark Twain Entrance. Private Bath - East. MS&T Rec Center Fitness. MS&T Rec Center Varsity. Atrium. Private Kitchen - South. Private Kitchen - NW. Guyol. ISU Vrooman Access. ISU Vrooman Entry Lounge. ISU Vrooman Lobby. ISU Vrooman Reception. Private Half Bath. 1950s Residence. Private Bath - SW.
MS&T Rec Center Fitness - Before