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French Gerleman - Cold Room. French Gerleman - Overall 70. French Gerleman - Conf Rm. Atrium. Corporate Dining.
1950s Residence. Private Kitchen - South. Private Kitchen - NW. Guyol. Private Half Bath. Private Bath - East. Private Bath - SW.
UMC Mark Twain - Courtyard. UMC Mark Twain - Dining. UMC Mark Twain - Interior Lounge. MS&T Rec Center Fitness. MS&T Rec Center Varsity. ISU Vrooman Access. ISU Vrooman Entry Lounge. ISU Vrooman Lobby. ISU Vrooman Reception.

Our design expands an existing office into their adjacent warehouse area and, at the same time, consolidates different departments into one cohesive, appealing working space.

The circulation of the new expansion integrates with the circulation of the existing office, taking into account access to lunch rooms, restrooms and copy rooms.

New furnishings are selected for most of the new office space. One exception is the table for the conference room. In this room, new contemporary and comfortable chairs with durable fabric are added and coordinated with the table height. One wall has a generous white board for interactive meetings. Two walls of the conference room are full floor-to-ceiling glass partitions. This provides acoustical privacy during meetings while offering a spacious open office environment.

Another exception of re-utilizing furnishings is the work benches from the client’s existing cold room. At each work bench, monitors are wall-mounted to free up work surface area. Each bench is separated with low partitions. An adjacent wide access aisle enables large electronic equipment to be wheeled to and staged along each work station. This room is also separated from the open office area with a floor-to-ceiling glass partition. In doing so, it offers security control, dust control and acoustic control, while sustaining connectedness to the rest of the office.

The expansion/renovation includes ten new private offices, an open cubicle office area, conference room, copy area and cold room.

French Gerleman - Conf Rm - Before