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Our design services included a complete renovation for a contemporary, modern kitchen in a small space. Sound batt insulation was added to the interior walls surrounding the kitchen, along with a swing door to help contain kitchen noise. Glass tiles were used as the backsplash and engineered quartz, a most sustainable product, was used for the countertop. The wood floors match existing wood floors throughout the house and speakers for a stereo system were integrated in the ceiling to reduce clutter.

Corporate Dining. UMC Mark Twain Courtyard. UMC Mark Twain Dining. UMC Mark Twain Entrance. Private Bath - East. MS&T Rec Center Fitness. MS&T Rec Center Varsity. Atrium. Private Kitchen - South. Private Kitchen - NW. Guyol. ISU Vrooman Access. ISU Vrooman Entry Lounge. ISU Vrooman Lobby. ISU Vrooman Reception. Private Half Bath. 1950s Residence. Private Bath - SW.
Private Kitchen - South - Before