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This project remodeled and expanded the dining area, and included re-cladding using an exterior metal wall panel system. A sunken courtyard, with generous stairs, ramps and planters was developed around the facility. From the interior, a continuous ribbon of glass extends from the tower, wrapping around the lounge and dining addition, to bring natural, soft lighting into the facility.

The tower renovation included re-cladding the exterior with a terra-cotta back-ventilated rain screen system, reconfiguring suites, and adding private lounges and support areas. The renovation also included a new reception desk adjacent to a main lounge with smaller, more intimate lounges placed throughout the facility. All of the main spaces are positioned around an exterior courtyard, blurring the line between the exterior and interior, while bringing natural light indoors

All new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems, and information technology services were included in this renovation.

Corporate Dining. UMC Mark Twain Courtyard. UMC Mark Twain Dining. UMC Mark Twain Entrance. Private Bath - East. MS&T Rec Center Fitness. MS&T Rec Center Varsity. Atrium. Private Kitchen - South. Private Kitchen - NW. Guyol. ISU Vrooman Access. ISU Vrooman Entry Lounge. ISU Vrooman Lobby. ISU Vrooman Reception. Private Half Bath. 1950s Residence. Private Bath - SW.
UMC Mark Twain Courtyard - Before